In search of dignity Gunter Pfannmuller



In search of dignity. Photographs Günter Pfannmüller Très beau livre en anglais nombreuses photos en couleurs. Format 31 x 29.Photos magnifiques de personnes qui vivent en dehors... du système, du temps, en Afrique et en Asie.

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Note de l’éditeur(en angllais)

With a traveling photography studio of their own invention and a generous supply of determination and patience this German photographer and writer team traversed Africa and South Asia in search of people living apart from materialistic world.

Günter Pfannmüller and Wilhelm Klein discovered what they have described as a form of dignity that will soon be extinct.

Their photographs unveil a resonant humanity in the faces, postures and elaborate dress of people whose traditions and strong sense of material culture afford them complete self-possession. The acclaimed scientist, anthropologist and writer Wade Davis contributes a preface in which his 25 years of experience studying indigenous cultures establishes an intellectual foreground for this intimate record.

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